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About Divine Ayat

Herbalist Formulated  -  Islamic Herbal Medicine

Divine Ayat was founded by Umm Nadia (Taliah Muhammad), a Researcher, Islamic Medicine Practitioner and trained Herbalist.  She has practiced Islamic Herbal Medicine for over 10 years, and has studied at The Maryland University of Integrative Health where she Majored in Therapeutic Herbalism with a special focus on product design.  Umm Nadia is committed to providing her clients and the broader community with quality services and products based on The Qur'an & Sunnah.  Her current research includes; "COVID-19: The Plague which Strikes Behind the Ear",  and "Compositions, Prevention, and Intervention Methods for COVID-19 with Divine Ayats' Fitra30 COVID-19 Protocol "(Patent Pending)™.    Currently she is seeking partners to conduct non-clinical and clinical trials. For inquiries please contact:  Click Here to View Published Research

Umm Nadia has spent her career in business and education.   She has given many public lectures on business and herbalism and most recently was a guest speaker at Virginia State University Flower Symposium in April of 2019.  Currently she offers homeschooling classes on herbalism online.  She is also the Founder of The Halal Natural Products Academy, LLC.  This academy has over 500 members worldwide who study Islamic Herbal Medicine under her apprenticeship program.  The Halal Natural Products Academy also provides certifications for Muslim Herbalists and Islamic Medicine Practitioners.  Additionally, she offers free online herbal clinics  for clients seeking Islamic natural treatments for dis-ease.  


Getting into Whole Foods Market is one of the highlights of her career.   In 2015 Whole Foods Market invited her company to become a local supplier of Jamaican Black Castor Oils and "Healing Shea" (now known as "Subdue Muscle & Joint Balm").  Her products were an immediate success and her small company went from supplying 3 Whole Foods Markets to over 40 stores in less than six months. 

(Her former brand "Sister Taliah's Naturals" has since become Divine Ayat and her partnership with Whole Foods Market still remains, Alhamdullilah. )

Over the years, Umm Nadia's family has experienced many trials.  In 2012 her only brother passed away due to stomach cancer.  Two of her younger children (born one year apart from one another) had gastric difficulties at birth which required both to be on feeding tubes and restrictive diets (at the same time).  In 2017 she became very ill, SubhanAllah.  Many of the products offered in this new catalog are those she has personally designed and used to treat herself, her children, other loved ones, and her clients with great success, Alhamdulillah.  


Each product is carefully designed and handcrafted using some of Allah's Divine Ayats (signs); herbs, honey, vinegar, etc.  She enjoys making small batches of her products which in turn ensures quality.  

Divine Ayat's products are made to order to give you the personalized care you deserve.  

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