Divine Ayat Submits Pre-IND to the FDA


On December 29, 2020, Divine Ayat, LLC. submitted a Pre-IND to the Food and Drug Administration to begin non-clinical and clinical trials of its Fitra30 COVID-19 Protocol.

Divine Ayat’s Fitra30 COVID-19 Protocol

(Patent Pending)

This protocol consists of three features:

1) The Milhu Shamsi Herbal Formulation (MSHF). MSHF is designed to prevent and treat COVID-19 by targeting internal mechanisms which act as conduits for COVID-19 infection.

2) Induction of autophagy through herbal medicine and intermittent fasting.

3) Divine Ayat’s Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Rejuvenation Program (SEM-RP) . COVID-19 has greatly affected many lives around the world. The combination of uncertainty and quarantining is causing depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and psychological distress. Divine Ayat’s SMER Program is a 30-day guided meditation program designed to reduce stress.

Once funding is secured our first round of trials will consist of nonclinical studies of our "Milhu Shamsi" & "Autophagy Jumpstart Formulas" to determine the risks of the drugs and to support safe doses in humans.

Click here to read Umm Nadia's (Taliah S. Muhammad) research which inspired The Fitra30 Protocol

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