Homeschool Herbalism

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

6-week Online Herbalism Course for Middle & High-schoolers.


Book Now by Clicking Here - A Limited Number of Slots Available for our September 19, 2020 Class

Looking for some fun and interesting subjects for your children to learn during the COVID-19 lockdown?

If so, this course is just the solution! "Homeschool Herbalism" is a fun, hands-on course incorporating Math, Science, & Health!

Students will learn:

  • The "Definition" of Herbal Medicine

  • How herbs work on/in the body;

  • The Importance of Eating Healthy (dis-ease prevention) & "Herbs as Medicine" (dis-ease prevention & intervention);

  • How to make herbal extractions;

  • How to make balms, lotions, creams, and salves;

Additionally, participants will learn some foundational business aspects of making their own natural products and selling them including;

  • Designing an effective product;

  • Creating & Implementing quality control measures;

  • Product testing;

  • Designing a FDA compliant label; and

  • Conducting cost analysis to determine proper pricing of a product offering;

At the end of this course participants will be able to;

  • Discuss principles of Islamic Medicine;

  • Discuss how herbs work on the bodily systems;

  • Create their own herbal extraction;

  • Create their own salve or balm;

  • Create their own tea or essential oil blend.

Participants will get an opportunity to present their product to the class. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize for the best designed product.

This class will meet once per week via Zoom for six weeks. Each class is approximately one (1) hour.

The class fee is $21 per week. Each participant is required to purchase a herb kit which is $30. (First billing = $51).


Herb kits contain essential materials needed to complete assignments (bottles, herbs, worksheets, oils, etc.) and can be purchased here: HOMESCHOOL HERB KIT

Important: Each student will be required to complete weekly assignments. These assignments include product making, which (depending on students age/capabilities) may require supervision. Please be prepared to support your student through this course.

Start a Learning Pod! Invite your companions and family and save!

Great Deal for Groups: Groups of 50 or more get discounted price of $10.00/wk. per student!

Groups must create a special "group code" and enter it in the "Message" section during >>>booking<<< in order to get the discounted rate. Please also include students Name , Age, and Grade in the message section when booking.

Class fees are non-refundable however, Students will receive recordings of each class which will be available until the next class session. This way students who are absent can make-up work. Keep in mind live attendance is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The links to this class videos and materials are private and may only be shared / viewed by paying students. This is an amanah (trust). JazakAllahu Khair for your understanding. Ameen.

Quizzes are given after each class and must be completed before the next class session. Students must maintain a score of 90% or above to receive a Certificate of Completion for this course. Some assignments require students to record a video 1 min of their product making process.

About the Instructor:

The instructor for this course is Umm Nadia (Taliah Muhammad). She is the owner of Divine Ayat, LLC., a Practitioner of Islamic Herbal Medicine, Researcher, and Public Speaker. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts and has studied at The Maryland University of Integrative Health where she learned Therapeutic Herbalism with a special focus on product design. Her handmade wellness products can be found in select Whole Foods Market stores in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio. She is a regular guest speaker at Virginia State University and has most recently been a guest presenter for The VSU Flower Symposium in April 2019. She lives in Virginia and spends her days studying and homeschooling her three youngest children.

Book Now by Clicking Here - A Limited Number of Slots Available for our September 19, 2020 Class

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