Divine Ayat "Subdue. Joint & Muscle Salve" (formally known as "Sister Taliah's Healing Shea") is a smooth mixture of all natural shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil and essential healing oils including; Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint Oil, and Nigella Sativa Oil.


Muscle pain has one culprit--inflammation.  These healing oils all work together to decrease muscle inflammation while providing a soothing aromatic pain relief.  
"Subdue" works best after a warm shower, bath, or before/during a heat compress.  
Also great for athletes.


Complete List of Uses for Divine Ayat's "Subdue, Joint & Muscle Salve":
1.  Arthritis pain relief.

2.  General muscle and joint pain relief.

3.  Reduce inflammation in swollen muscles and joints.

4. Soothes pain from nerve damage in diabetics.

5. Chest rub (rub on chest to relieve congestion or place in nose)

6.  Ease headaches- massage onto the temples and put a dab under each nostril to quickly relieve headaches.

7.  Massage Oil -very nice when warmed.

8.  Stress and tension relief

9. Diaper rash cream- gentle for babies bottoms.  Clears up even the worse diaper rash in hours!

10.  Skin moisturizer

11. Hair Conditioner

12. Loc Twist Cream

13.  Co-wash

14.  Clear dark spots, scars, and blemishes 

15.  Heal eczema 

16.  Heal psoriasis

17. Repair Cracked hands and feet

18.  Treat cracked lips

19. Helps muscles relax and recover faster after intense workouts

20.  Helps decrease hemorrhoid swelling 

21.  Great for treating burns and wound care

22. Soothes cyst pain

23.  Lightens stretch marks

24. Decrease swelling in feet

25.  Insect repellent

26.  Gets rid of lice

27. Nipple Cream for breastfeeding Moms

28. Great for helping to reduce fever


Have questions about this product?  Feel free to reach out to me via the Forums page for more support. 

"Oooh, That Feels Better" Black Seed Muscle & Joint Rub, 4 oz.

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  • This product is made with Black Seed Oil which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said is a cure for everything except for "old age and death".  

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