Black Walnut is traditionally used to treat parasitic infections.   Usually people who suffer from parasitic infections have weak immune systems causing infections to worsen.  This is why our parasite tea is made with immune boosting Echinacea herb to help the body during the parasitic flush. 


This tea can be used to treat;


  • Parasitic infections;


  • Bacterial infections;


  • Candida albacans infection (chronic yeast infections);


  • Warts;


  • Mouth Sores;


  • and constipation.


It can also be used externally to treat Ringworm, scabies, eczema, herpes, psoriasis, sores, pimples, athelete's food, jock itch, and cold sores.  Just brew some up apply to the affected area using a clean cloth or towel.  


Side effects:  None expected.  However, those with AutoImmune dis-orders should use caution when using any herb that can stimulate the immune system.  


All of our medicinal teas are made in appropriate dosages for Adults and children over 13 years of age.  If you would like to give this tea to someone younger 2-3 tablespoons is appropriate and can be made into a syrup by adding honey, when appropriate.  


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"Parasite Cleanser" Chai Tea

  • Each canister contains 7-14 Medicinal Tea Bags.   I give herbalism classes often and my participants are often shocked to find out that store brought teas (prepared as recommended on the package) provide very little (if any) medicinal support to the body.  

    To reap the medicinal benefits of tea one needs to consume (at least) 4-6g  of herb (please keep in mind that this wildly varies depending on which herb / specific herbal action you are seeking so please, please don't throw 4-6g of any herb and a pot and think its ok.  Herbalism is a science and herbs are drugs.  Thus, they can harm you if used incorrectly).  However 4-6g seems to be pretty standard for a medicinal blend.

    Its important to note here that store brought tea blends often contain less than 1g of dry herbs per bag.

    When designing my tea line I wanted to ensure that my clients were properly educated about teas and their importance as quick, easy, and effective medicines.  

    My tea blends offer full medicinal doses to ensure that therapeutic goals are met.  Each bag of my MEDICINAL CHI TEA is filled with 6-8g of herb.  That's 42-56g of herb total in each can.  Compare that with the (maybe) 18g of herb that you will pick up in a WHOLE BOX at the grocery store.

     Additionally, each bag can make two cups (I like to strain my herb then add it back to the pot for another "wash", often there is plenty of beneficial plant medicine left!).

    So in every canister of my medicinal teas you are sure to get the proper dosage for the intended herbal action, quality herbs, and superior taste.  

    If you have questions about this product contact me via the forums page, I'd be happy to help!

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