Umm Qais bint Mihsan said:
“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: 'You should use Indian aloeswood for it contains seven cures, including (a cure for) pleurisy.'”


(Sunan Ibn Majah)


"The Messenger of Allah ﷺ came to Aisha رضي الله عنه and saw a boy with a bleeding nose and said; "What is this?"  They said, "He is suffering from tonsillitis, or a headache."  Heﷺ said; "Woe unto you!  Do not kill your children!  Let the mother whose child is suffering from tonsillitis or headache scrube Indian costus (ales) with water and then administer it to the child through the nose."  When Aisha رضي الله عنه ordered that the prescription be followed, the boy was cured. [Ahmad, Al Hakim, Abu Ya'la, and Al-Bazzar]


This soothing blend is designed to aid in the clearance of bacteria and viruses from the head, nose, and throat area.  Specially extracted to aid in the clearance of mucus and open up the respiratory tract.



Sassurea lappa (Inidan Aloeswood) and Zamzam Water.



Shake well before using.  Children: 1-3 drops per nostril, as needed.  Adults:  1-10 drops per nostril, as needed.  Approximately 1 mg per drop.


Since this product acts as an expectorant, you may experience the dispelling of mucus and postnasal drainage when using this medicine.  Be sure to spray bleach where ever this mucus is released as to prevent spread of dis-ease.  


COVID-19 Support:  Due to the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties of this formula, it may help in preventing COVID-19 from entering in the body through the nose, ears, and throat.  


As a preventative method, this product may be used before leaving home.  Upon returning home cleanse the ear, nose, and throat (gargle) then apply the medicine to the ears and nose.


Size Variations:  5ml = approx. 100 drops   I   10 mil = approx. 200 drops  I   15 Mil = approx. 300 drops


To administer this product lay on your back, neck under a pillow, head hanging off of the pillow in a decline position.  Administer the drops into each nostril.  Allow drops to enter into the nasal cavity by remaining in this position for 10-15 minutes.  You may feel some tingling sensation once the medicine reaches the back of the throat.   Please don't resist any natural inclinations to sneeze or cough as those all aid in the clearance of dis-ease.


This medicine can be used for a variety of dis-ease manifestations including;

  • Spiritual (Jinn possession, black majic);
  • Colds;
  • Sinus and allergy;
  • Viruses;
  • Ear Infections;
  • Throat Infections;
  • Viruses;
  • Toothaches/Abscesses
  • Respiratory Infections; and 
  • Headaches.


This product is designed for treating acute dis-ease on a short-term basis.  

"7Cures" Qist Al-Hindi & ZamZam Nose Drops

  • This product should be stored in away from heat and light to preserve potency.  



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